Corona, Queens: Citi Field

Citi Field replaced Shea Stadium as the home of Major League Baseball's only National League team from Queens, the New York Mets.  Citi Field opened in 2009, after two years, five months of construction. Happy fans living nearby in Corona apartments could easily see the stadium rise directly adjacent to the vast parking lots of the old Shea ballpark. Shea, built in 1964 as a multi-purpose stadium, served the Mets for 44 seasons but never fully satisfied its primary mission as a baseball park. Citi Field, by contrast, is custom-made for showcasing the talent of the borough's own team. 

The stadium is called Citi Field in recognition of the $400 million paid by Citigroup, Inc. for naming rights, good through 2029. Citi Field holds 41,992 devoted fans who can enjoy close views of the action, with nearly 42 percent of seating on the lower deck. Shea may have held more fans, but Citi Field is a baseball gem, with special touches to make true fans feel right at home. 

Citi Field boasts the best stadium entrance in baseball, with the Jackie Robinson rotunda and an arched exterior that harkens back to the baseball palaces of the 1920s. Just off the rotunda is the New York Mets Hall of Fame. All of these intentional nods to baseball history help today’s sports fan appreciate the noble history of not just the Mets, but baseball itself.

Getting to Citi Field

Citi Field is easily accessible by public transportation, car and bicycle. The #7 subway train, the same train that took thousands to Shea, still reaches Mets-Willets Point Station. The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) also serves the park from Penn Station, Woodside, and all the stations on the Port Washington Branch. New Jersey fans can take NJ Transit to Penn Station and transfer to the LIRR. 

For fans arriving by car, parking at six huge lots is available; consider purchasing a convenient prepaid parking pass to speed entry. 

Citi Field also encourage bicycles; the Queens North Shore Greenway is close, and safe bike parking around the stadium is available and under police surveillance. 

For baseball fans living in LeFrak City’s nearby Corona apartments, Citi Field is only two stops down from the 103 Street-Corona Plaza Metro station. The ballpark is also only a short walk from many apartments in Flushing, another nearby neighborhood. 

Once at the stadium, fans can enjoy amenities unimaginable in the older parks. From exclusive club areas like Ebbets Club, Delta Sky Club and Acela Club to an outdoor picnic area, every level of fan comfort is available. From milkshakes to hot wings to pressed sandwiches and more, the food offerings at Citi Field are varied and noteworthy, including well-known eateries such as Fuku, Shake Shack, Blue Smoke and the beloved Mama’s of Corona.

Non-Baseball Events

Citi Field sees a lot of baseball action by the Mets, but the venue is also home to other events. In the past, the park has featured bands, groups and talent ranging from Beyoncé to DigiFest. 

LeFrak City: Living Near Citi Field

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