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Commonly abbreviated as “NYSCI,” the New York Hall of Science is one of the city’s premier science museums. Located in Queens’ Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, NYSCI is New York’s only hands-on center for science and technology, featuring over 400 exhibits that focus on disciplines such as chemistry, biology and physics. It’s a short walk from LeFrak’s Corona, Queens Apartments, and a big reason many people decide to move to the area.

Easily accessible via the Long Island Expressway, the Whitestone Bridge and the BQE, the New York Hall of Science is a destination that any New Yorker with an interest in the sciences needs to visit at least once.

The History of the New York Hall of Science

NYSCI has a very interesting history, dating back to its founding in 1964 as part of that year’s World’s Fair, held in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. At the time, it was one of the only science museums in existence, remaining open after the closing of the fair and continuing to serve the public for the next 15 years. Over time, the building began to deteriorate to the point where it was closed for extension renovations in 1979, not to reopen until 1986.

Over the years, much funding and many renovations have turned the New York Hall of Science into what it is today. Expansions have included a new entrance rotunda, a cafe, a gift shop, a theater and a science playground 30,000 square feet in size. Today, the Hall is a New York City Cultural Institution, a status which is granted to very few organizations.


A trip to the New York Hall of Science is fun for all ages and especially educational for children 17 years of age and younger. The museum caters primarily to those who are looking for a high-level overview of the sciences, though it does feature a range of traveling exhibitions on a rotating basis. Permanent exhibits include the Science Playground, Technology Gallery, Rocket Park, The Search for Life Beyond the Earth and more, all geared toward explaining the finer points of a variety of sciences to minds eager for learning.

Living Near NYSCI

The area surrounding the New York Hall of Science is an excellent place to live. Close to great restaurants like Park Side, Double and Tortilleria Nixtamal, there are dining options for all walks of life nearby. Spend a relaxing day at the park, go for a stroll and end up at NYSCI for an educational afternoon for the whole family—LeFrak’s Corona Apartments are central to all the area has to offer.

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