Person setting up an alarm keypad system

5 Apartment Security Tips for Renters

Jan 19, 2022

A secure home does more than keep you safe — it provides peace of mind, so you can relax completely the moment you walk through the front door. This is particularly important in apartment buildings in Queens, New York, which often have multiple units and a high level of foot traffic. While your lease might not allow structural modifications for security lighting or alarm systems, there are many ways to increase apartment security.

Hang Curtains or Blinds

Before breaking into a home, many thieves peer into the windows to look for valuables. Curtains or blinds block the view into your apartment, making it more difficult for intruders. Make sure to lock the windows and close the blinds every time you leave.

Install New Locks

Brand-new door locks are an easy way to increase apartment safety — since previous tenants haven’t used them, you can rest assured that you're the only person with the key. An interior chain lock adds an extra layer of security. Ask for permission from your landlord in advance to stay within the terms of your lease.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Building relationships is a big part of creating better security for apartments. Someone will likely notice an unauthorized person trying to break in. Start a text chain or social media group to chat about safety issues and report potential threats.

Use an Apartment Security System

Many modern security systems don't require you to install special wiring; choose a wireless setup, and you can protect your apartment without drilling holes. Most models come with sensors, cameras, and alarms that connect wirelessly to a base station and ensure easy DIY installation. Connect your Wi-Fi network, and you can even monitor your home through a smartphone app from Queens or anywhere in the world.

Store Your Valuables Out of Sight

Most robberies happen quickly; intruders grab what they can and leave before they're caught. If your valuable items are hard to find, they're less likely to be stolen. Use a safe for small items, such as passports, jewelry, and heirlooms. Tuck laptops and tablets into a drawer instead of leaving them on the table and store purses in a closet.

With apartment security sorted, you can relax and enjoy the exceptional amenities at LeFrak City. This renovated complex offers a warm, welcoming home, conveniently located in Queens, New York. Visit us or reach out to our team to learn more!