Tips to Host Safe Family Gatherings this Winter

Dec 15, 2021

No one likes to spend the holidays alone. They are incomplete without loved ones around you to relive old memories and create new ones. While organizing get-togethers, following all rules concerning social gatherings for winter safety. Here are some tips to help you host safe family gatherings while enjoying their company:

Keep Your Gatherings Limited and Short

The best way to enjoy holidays this year is by inviting fewer people for a safer family gathering. Reducing the celebration time is also an effective way to enhance winter safety. This way, you’ll have room for social distancing, staying comfortable throughout the get-together. Also, it’s more relaxing hosting short-duration gatherings at your place rather than all-night dinner parties.

Host Outdoor Family Gatherings

Socialize outdoors. It’s much safer than indoor family gatherings. With fresh air and more space to move around, outdoor family gatherings are one of the most secure ways to spend holidays this season. Outdoor reunions in winter are more likely to be short, so you don’t have to entertain for too long. You can also be creative when organizing outdoor celebrations by decorating your outdoor space with lights. Add a fireplace for extra comfort.

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Minimize Touchpoints

Plan your setup to minimize physical contact among your guests for added protection. Use streamers or chalking lines to delineate spaces and ensure social distancing throughout the gathering. Maintaining proper airflow and ventilation is necessary if the reunion takes place indoors. Asking your guests to wear masks when not feasting is also a simple way to increase winter safety during family gatherings.

Serve Individual Portions

It’s better to have one person serving everyone individual portions rather than having a buffet where guests touch the serving utensils. This way, you can control unnecessary movement. Encourage them to wash their hands frequently to reduce germ transmission through contact. You can accommodate guests at multiple tables to avoid crowding in the same place, as well.

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