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STEM at Queens Library

Feb 6, 2019

Incredible advances in robotics, engineering, mathematics and technology shape the world in which we live. From the medicines we take to the selfies we take, the sciences are integral to our lives. Technology can be a daunting, deceptively complicated, or entertaining and useful tool. Fortunately, the Queens Library is here to help navigate and educate. Whether you are interested in expanding your knowledge base, learning simple software, or building your very own incredibly cool robot, the Queens Library has multiple programs and events to keep you entertained and educated.

The exciting STEM: Introduction To Robotics class is a teen-focused monthly adventure in the world of building your very own robots. Their class has two monthly sessions through June, dedicated to teaching the building and circuitry behind six unique robots including a turtle, dozer, scorpion, explorer, and more. Reach out to them by phone (718) 592-7677 to register for this amazing course. Scheduled builds include:

February: Dozer Bot

March: Scorpion Robot

April: Desert Explorer

May: Helicopter Model

June: Rover Bot

Want something more introductory? The LeFrak City branch offers a user-friendly Introduction To Computers class for all ages. Their five-week program is a fantastic introduction to essential computer learning including classes in email, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and even Excel. Ideal for new computer-users as well as those transitioning from Apple to Windows software, this class is suited for anyone looking for introductory courses.

Anyone looking for something more advanced in specific software should explore the additional Introduction To classes. These include Introduction To MS Word, where participants will learn how to create and format documents, and Introduction To Excel, teaching spreadsheet basics, navigation, and data entry. The Introduction To Email session focuses on creating, navigating, and using an email account. If you’re looking for a refresher on attaching documents, deleting spam, or setting up a new email, this comprehensive course is for you!

Those looking to get the most out of Excel can graduate to the MS Excel Formulas & Functions class in mid-February. This class expands on the basics learned in the Introduction To session, teaching basic formulas and functions. Take control of your personal and professional finances or data with this adaptable and easy-to-use software! Create your own spreadsheets, analyze data, and create informative charts.

Comfortable with the computer but slow on the keyboard? Perhaps you want to increase your knowledge base or just your words per minute. Try out the recurring Typing Tuesday class! This multi-session program offers a typing class designed to let participants learn at their own pace. The six-week course includes three hour and a half sessions guaranteed to help increase your typing speed, accuracy, and confidence. Not sure you’ll be able to make all three? No problem! This course is offered at multiple times throughout the year.


The LeFrak City Library offers a wide range of additional programs including Crafts, Toddler Storytime, music performances, cultural celebrations, movie screenings, and fitness classes! Get your library card today and enjoy award winning titles, films, and music, available in your own backyard. Visit them in person at 98-30 57th Avenue (the Sydney building), reach them by phone at (718) 592-7677, or check out